Monday, June 18, 2012

Gemstone Lore: Aquamarine for March

As a jewelry artist, I use all sorts of gemstones. I love gemstones. Aquamarine has a soft place in my heart though since it is my sisters birth stone.

Being the patron stone of March isn't the only thing Aquamarine is known for. The light blue stone is the stone of Courage, Serenity, Love and Foresight. It was believed  to keep them safe during sea voyages in olden times. The Romans believed it to be a stone of love and gave it as a gift the morning after weddings. Such a romantic stone.

So how did we get the name Aquamarine? The beautiful blues and greens of this stone reminded people of the sea. Since the Latin word for "Seawater" is Aquamarine, it's a fitting name. The colors of this gemstone range from an almost colorless pale blue or a deep blue aqua to a blue-green and even to teal. If you are wanting jewelry that reminds you of your seaside home, Aquamarine is a great start with it's sea-worthy foamy colors.

I was really wanting to show you a picture of what I made my sister over Christmas. But like a silly person, I forgot to take any pictures before I gave her the earrings! I'll see if I can get them away from her long enough to show you the earrings. I just love them.

I had planned on having this particular post go out in March right around my sis's birthday, but as you can see, I fell a bit behind. Below are two examples of some Aquamarine in my collection. Enjoy!

These beautiful Aquamarine Pearl Drops in Gold were a custom order for Laura a few months back. The Aquamarine and Pearls make them look like sea foam on an ocean wave. 

The ring had some matching earrings which have since sold on Etsy. 

*The gemstone history information was gained from Jewels For Me's History, Legend and Lore of Aquamarine and from Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry's Aquamarine - Facts, Information and Description