Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Booth - Design Ideas

Working on a booth design is hard work. You have to plan it out, get a design feel, then find all the components. Although fun, it is very tiring. Now that we have a list of Art and Craft Fairs in the KC area, we can decide on which ones we'd like to attend. Next on the ever growing list of things to do....Design the Booth! This is very important. Having a layout, a display design, color scheme...all helps to make set-up go quicker the day of the event. In preparation we've done some more research and done our own design.

Once we get all the compentnets, we'll set it up and get pictures taken. Hopefully all goes well and as planned.

The Canopy - A Must Have:

We were so excited when we got this canopy, we just had to test it out. It's perfect! Just the right size and definitely easy to get set-up (just takes 2) ... just like the box says. It came with a roller bag, awning, name sign, side walls, stakes, and weight plates so we can use it on concrete. EZ UP Canopy sure knows what they're doing!

Our Booth Layout and Design:
This design is two 5 foot tables and two 4 foot tables. The center table probably won't be used since it reduces the amount of space available for customers to peruse. 

A basic design based on the booth designs we liked and found inspiration from.

When we went shopping, we found several display tools we just fell in love with. Since we are going for an elegant design in black and white with accents of purple, these fit in well and add a extra touch of color.

We also have the Shoji screen for earrings and pendants. This will be a great display tool with folded earring cards and to use the verticle space in the canapy. On the back table will be the raised boxes for necklace displays and jewelry sets. The front table will have some of the display dolls and one or two round plates. The plates will have the diamond shapped confetti (plastic) to hold small rings and bookmarks etc.

Some Booth Designs we Like:

This one is our favorite. Found it on Jewelry Display Ideas website.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring is on your Wrist

To celebrate Mothers Day and make a few pieces for Eclectics Gallery's Mum's the Word event, I made a new bangle and a small set of earrings to match. This will match a ring I had made a few months ago with a small flower.

I hope you're ready for Spring! This set....bangle, earrings, ring...will help you get in the mood.

 The bangle is in progress in this photo. I finished it late the other night and didn't get a picture of the completed bangle. You can see the finished product with the ring at Eclectics Gallery tomorrow.

 Earrings to match.

  The Summertime Flower Ring

Mum's the Word Event
Friday April 15th
5:00p - 8:00p

Eclectics Gallery
7015 Oak
Kansas City, MO 64113
(816) 361-6643

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Art and Craft Fairs List

Over the last few months, we have been working on a list of Art and Craft Fairs in the Kansas City area and surrounding areas. The list is ever-growing, but we've found several promising shows that we'd like to try this year. Of course, we can't go to all as some are over the same weekend, but we have a beginning.

Suggestions and information on the various shows are always welcome. If you know of one, please send it in. We'd love to add it to our list.


2nd-5th Old Shawnee Days Shawnee Kansas
-          Unknown booth size/price

4th Liberty Arts Squared – Liberty, MO
-          Apply on Zapp
-          Attendance – 5,000
-          Application Deadline 4/21
-          $75 for booth
-          $25 to be juried
-          Required 5 photos of product
-          Required 1 photos of booth

4th Handmade in the Heartland Craft Fair – Wichita, KS  (July 2nd & August 13th)
-          10x10 booth
-          $45 (includes 8ft table & 2 chairs
-          All handmade crafts welcome

4th-5th Art in the Park – Columbia, MO
-          Closed – no longer receiving applications
-          Attendance – 18,000 ppl

3rd-5th Down Town Days….Streets Alive! in Lee’s Summit
-          10x10 booth
-          $250 for a Handcrafted booth
-          Deadline to apply – April 1st or cost $275
-          Electricity $30 for 110v
-          Tent Rental (if needed) $220
-          Required 5 photos of product
-          Required 1 photos of booth

17th-19th 2011 Town Art Show at town Center
-          10x10 booth
-          Required white tent
-          $250-$300 – Booth fee goes to the Parkinson Foundation of the Heartland
-          $30 Jury fee
-          Can get corner booth for $50
-          Deadline to apply – April 1st
-          Original work only
-          Required 4 color slides of work – label artist name & size of media (can be digital)
-          Required 1 color slide of booth (can be digital)


3rd-4th Kansas City Riverfest(firework show) (waiting for updated site)
- 10x10 booth size
- $300 for the booth


6th-7th Powderhorn Art Fair – Minneanapolis, MN
-          Apply on Zapp
-          $210 for 11x11 booth
-          Jury Fee $25
-          Required 4 photos of product – no booth photo required
-          Deadline to apply – May 1st
-          Art fair profits go toward community programs (teen center, pottery kiln, photo lab)

25th-26th-27 Bonner Springs Tiblow Days
-          Unknown Booth size and price


2nd-4th Art Show at the Fest, Kansas City Irish Festival 2011 (Labor Day Weekend)
-          Apply on Zapp
-          $300 for 10x10 booth
-          $25 Jury Fee
-          Deadline to apply – June 1st
-          Attendance – 100,000
-          4 vender passes w booth (free festival admittance)
-          White tent required – provided w 2 outlets for lighting (300 watts)
-          Required 3 photos of product
-          Required 1 photos of booth

8th-10th Old Settlers Days Olathe, Ks
-          Handmade Only
-          10 x 10 booth
-          $150 – includes electricity

9th-11th Art Westport
-          Apply on Zapp
-          Exclusively for KC area artists – must live within 40 miles of the downtown KC post office
-          Apply between March 1st-May 1st
-          10x10 booth
-          $300
-          No commercial or manufactured work

-          10x10 booth
-          $55
-          $20 for electricity
-          No Commercial Jewelry
-          Can rent a table for $10 each

16th-18th Mosaics – Missouri Festival for the Arts, 2011
-          Apply on Zapp
-          $225 for 10x10 booth
-          $25 Jury Fee
-          Deadline to apply – May 30th  
-          Attendance 90,000-100,000
-          Required 4 photos of work
-          Required 1 photo of booth

-          Apply on Zapp
-          Jury Fee $25
-          Required 3 photos of work
-          Required 1 photo of booth
-          Deadline to Apply – July 5th
-          10x10 booth
-          $200 for booth

23rd-25th Country club Plaza 79th Annual Plaza Art Fair
-          Apply on Zapp
-          Jury Fee $35
-          Required 4 photos of work
-          Required 1 photo of booth
-          Deadline to Apply – May 1st
-          12x12 booth
-          $100 extra for a corner booth
-          $400 for the booth


 9/30-10/2 Longview Art and World Music festival 2011
-          Apply on Zapp
-          $245 for 10x10 booth
-          Jury Fee $25
-          $74 for corner booth
-          Required 4 photos of work
-          Required 1 photo of booth
-          Deadline to Apply – July 20th  

1st-2nd  Weston Mo. Apple Fest

 - 10x10 booth
- $100

3rd (22nd-23rd) weekend in October – Maple Leaf Festival
-          10x10 booth
-          $25 for electricity
-          $100
-          KS sales tax number required
-          Photos of booth required
-          Deadline to apply – June 1st
-          Handmade only

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Joining Eclectics

This has been a busy week. Started off with a Jury meeting with a local artist shop. This works sort of like an interview on both sides. The shop interviews the artist while the artist interviews the shop. Each need to be sure the partnership will work and be lucrative. Overall, we liked each other. Crangrats to Brie'Denee .... now a proud member of Eclectics Gallery! You'll be able to see our jewelry in the shop this May.

For a sneak peak, visit the Gallery next Friday April 15th! Attend the Mum's the Word Mothers Day event:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finished! Custom Bridal Package for Natalie

 The necklaces for Natalie's wedding are complete! 1 bridal necklace and 6 bridesmaid necklaces. There was enough of the Viking Weave left to make the bride a matching bracelet. 

The Brides Necklace. 3-strands of Freshwater pearls with yellow Crystals interspersed. The focal is a large Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone with a lobster clasp.

 The Brides necklace and her bracelet.

The Brides bracelet. A Viking weave focal with small Rose Quartz Crystals and Yellow Crystals woven into the Viking Weave. Silver cones topped with Freshwater Pearls from the Brides Necklace ending in a circle silver chain and lobster clasp.
Necklace for the Bridesmaid.....The main attraction being the Viking Weave with small Rose Quartz Crystals and Yellow Crystals woven in. Silver cones topped with Freshwater Pearls cap the Viking Weave and end in a silver chain and toggle clasp.

All 6 necklaces together.
 The cone and pearl caps.

 The toggle clasps on the end of the silver chain.