Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Booth - Design Ideas

Working on a booth design is hard work. You have to plan it out, get a design feel, then find all the components. Although fun, it is very tiring. Now that we have a list of Art and Craft Fairs in the KC area, we can decide on which ones we'd like to attend. Next on the ever growing list of things to do....Design the Booth! This is very important. Having a layout, a display design, color scheme...all helps to make set-up go quicker the day of the event. In preparation we've done some more research and done our own design.

Once we get all the compentnets, we'll set it up and get pictures taken. Hopefully all goes well and as planned.

The Canopy - A Must Have:

We were so excited when we got this canopy, we just had to test it out. It's perfect! Just the right size and definitely easy to get set-up (just takes 2) ... just like the box says. It came with a roller bag, awning, name sign, side walls, stakes, and weight plates so we can use it on concrete. EZ UP Canopy sure knows what they're doing!

Our Booth Layout and Design:
This design is two 5 foot tables and two 4 foot tables. The center table probably won't be used since it reduces the amount of space available for customers to peruse. 

A basic design based on the booth designs we liked and found inspiration from.

When we went shopping, we found several display tools we just fell in love with. Since we are going for an elegant design in black and white with accents of purple, these fit in well and add a extra touch of color.

We also have the Shoji screen for earrings and pendants. This will be a great display tool with folded earring cards and to use the verticle space in the canapy. On the back table will be the raised boxes for necklace displays and jewelry sets. The front table will have some of the display dolls and one or two round plates. The plates will have the diamond shapped confetti (plastic) to hold small rings and bookmarks etc.

Some Booth Designs we Like:

This one is our favorite. Found it on Jewelry Display Ideas website.