Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Marketplace at John Knox - A Craft Show Booth Layout

Here comes another show! This one is The Marketplace Spring Mart April Fools weekend (March 31 - April 1). It is put on by the John Knox Village in Lee's Summit, MO at The Pavilion.

They're going to have all sorts of vendors, from handmade jewelry and accessories to clothing, gifts for friends and family, home decor, and even delicious food. All these items are going to be super unique, including my own.

Let me know you're coming! 

My mom and I have been making items like crazy for this show. I get off work at 5p, go home, and begin a new piece each night. Building the booth layout has been super fun too. It's been a challenge over the last few years acquiring the tools to have a fabulous booth. One that resists weather, looks great, displays the jewelry interesting and fun, and is easy to transport and setup. That's the best part though, facing the challenge head on and having a good game plan.

This is one of the more recent layouts I came up with for a 10x10 booth. This is a good one. A great option with both table space and grid space for good hanging or shelving. 

Option #2 isn't a favorite either since the center table could make it difficult for customers to walk through the booth. There's just not enough space between the 5 ft table and the 2 4 ft tables in the back. 

So far #3 is my favorite. I had found a posting for lightweight booth ideas on the Arts Business Institute's website which gave me the idea for the 4 small "tables" in the center. I'm still looking for the cardboard to pull this off. I'm optimistic I can find some good sturdy yet collapsible cardboard for those little tables.

Of course before we go, we'll do a mock-setup but I still wanted to have a better idea of where everything would go. It's always so chaotic when you get to a show and begin setting up. I've found it goes much more smoothly if you have a game plan and a good idea where to put your merchandise. 

This was the first drawing I had done to decide where to put all the different types of jewelry. Of course, with the layout above, I had to come up with a new placement.

Wish us luck! There is still so much to get done. Shows are a ton of work but extremely satisfying once they're complete. Definitely worth the trouble. 

Hope to see you all there.