Friday, March 16, 2012

My Sister's Birthday

It was my sisters birthday this week. I wanted to get her a really unique gift this year. Preferably one I hadn't made, even though I know she adores anything I make her. The first place I thought of was Eclectics Gallery, where I'm a member and am constantly seeing cool new handmade items when I work on Saturdays.

One of my favorite items that I know my sister would adore is by Wendy Shoufler. She does amazing mosaic work and this little lamp is both a testimate to her skill as well as a usable art piece so it's not just clutter in my sister's house.

If you like larger wall art, Wendy makes those as well. She sold this piece a few months ago. It's still one of my favorites, especially for spring. It is now in a customer's beautiful home brightening up their day.

My sis is also a huge fan of jewelry. I have given her so many pieces as gifts over the years. I gave her a pair of sterling silver hoop earrings over Christmas that she just loved. Since her b-day was only a few months away, I decided to go with another artists work.

These are a beautiful pair of silver earrings by Makenna Rose Bartel. Although she has an Etsy shop, like myself, I found a pair of earrings similar to these at Eclectics. 

You can see these in the shop and on our blog: Our Eclectic Lives