Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Garnet Necklace for Amanda - Completing the "Amanda Collection"

This is the newest piece in my "Amanda Collection." Working on this collection began about a year ago when Amanda asked me to make her a ring for her anniversary. Since she's a January baby, she wanted her stone to be a beautiful red Garnet gemstone. She wanted the cost to stay affordable though so I ordered up some Imitation Garnet Gemstones from one of my favorite supply providers. 


The first piece I made for her last year was a Garnet Ring with a heart motif and tiny genuine Garnet accents. 


She has some earrings that match but I didn't get pictures of them. 
This year, she asked me to make her a necklace to go with her ring. I found a beautiful design by Magdalena Marszalik which I based my design on. Of course, no two pieces are alike even if an artist tries. 

One of the first steps to beginning a design is to draw it out. I like to use a pencil, OfficeMax Just Basics Economy Woodcase Pencils, #2 Medium Soft 72/pkwhich allows me to erase any portion I don't want. Once you've got your overall design, the components have to be broken down. Can't begin something if you don't know the size of your stone or where you want to wire to go. 

Here's a picture of what this process looks like in my sketchbook. The top portion is the ring I made for Amanda and the bottom quarter is the pendant. 

I started making the pendant with the frame. Can't begin a piece without a good sturdy area to put your stone. Once that's done, it's just a matter of securing the main Garnet, adding all the beautiful filigree and scroll work then embellishing with your chosen beads. In my case, I garnished the pendant with some small 4mm Garnets and Sterling beads. Add a chain and some more embellishments and you have yourself a stunning pendant.

Each piece of this glorious necklace was handmade solely with wire. There is no soldering in this piece. It is very delicate.