Friday, June 15, 2012

Beginning Work on My Jewelry Studio

As my husband and I have recently just moved into our first home, (Yippeee!) I'm now going to have an actual studio! Granted, this is an extra bedroom that we are converting into my personal work space but it's still my studio!

The room originally had a closet. But....the closet in our bedroom was tiny and butted up to it. So, what'd we decide to do? That's right. I don't need a closet in my studio so we're combining the closets to make a slightly larger than standard small walk-in closet for our master bedroom. With this decision comes lots of work. Hopefully, we haven't bitten off more than we can chew (that comment is mainly geared toward me as my husband is one handy man). He has done a fantastic job so far on the drywall and re-wiring so far while I'm pretty awesome at the puttying part for the drywall.

So, without further ado, here are some current pictures of the room in its demolished state. I can only hope it turns out like I want it to. It's definitely not inspirational right now!

This is what the room originally looked like. The carpet stank so bad we decided to start all our home updates with this room! When we ripped the carpet out I didn't even want to touch it. It was revolting! I'm glad it's out now. We are planning on putting hardwood down and found some on discount at Home Depot. 

Here's the closet minus the doors and trip. This picture also shows the floor after we removed the carpet. Since this, we've taken the back wall out...

Here's the closet...No Wall! Sorry, I know this is dark. I took the picture on my phone. :(  Mike, that's my hubby, did the electrical work and there will be a very nice ceiling light in the closet so we can see in the morning. 

Here's Mike working on the drywall. See all that wood in the back? That was the center wall frame, all the trim, and the closet doors we took off. Most of that is now in our backyard. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the studio!