Monday, February 7, 2011

Carnelian and Montana Crystal Necklace

 I love jewelry. Who doesn't? Jewelry is beautiful and when done by an artist, it's timeless. It can also be tedious and so rewarding. All the fine, small work involved. I look around at all the beautiful work done by other wire-wrappers and I'm just astounded. It's all so beautiful! I want all of it. Instead, I make my own creations to satisfy my need for the sparkly silver and gemstone creations.

In the fall, I wear a favorite coral-orange sweater. Never did I have a piece of jewelry to match. It makes you sad when you look in your jewelry box for that perfect piece and it's not there! I had to make something! I couldn't wear this sweater without a show piece. This is a new favorite of mine and it goes beautifully with that sweater.