Friday, December 10, 2010

Website Creation

I've been working on the new Brie'Denee website...well turns out those aren't as easy and quick to develop as you might think at first. I started with a basic layout, with the one block. This was giving me all kinds of problems when I would try to change a block or add a column. Turns out, the layout templates are fantastic to help with this little problem. So I fixed that issue.

While looking for ideas on layout, since lets face it, this is my first website, I found this neat picture slide show tool you can add. That was easy to start setting up. Just upload you pictures a viola, you have a ready made slide show that looks great! As I go to add the link to my website, I couldn't get the thing to load. I tried it in the flash player, in the RSS feeds, in the video setup, and the script thingy. All to no such luck. So I went back to the slide show site to figure out where I went wrong and it turns out I had the wrong link. The "help" section gave me the correct link, thankfully, and I finally got that running. Yay for me.

The next obstacle, "another one," you say, oh yeah. Another one. I was trying to get each page to have the same "link" list. Since I couldn't find a shortcut or a topic in the 'help' section, I had to do it by hand. That's fine, it's just more time consuming. I'm copy/pasting the information onto each page and I start to notice that my pictures aren't showing up. I'm using pictures on my links so having them show up is a bit important. I found that I had to go through and re-load each picture. Thankfully the link connection stays the same throughout the site but I was resizing the pictures to fit the space. Learned something new prepared, it's pretty funny when you find out how simple this could have been. All I had to do was load the picture then re-size the whole box and the pictures automatically re-sized with the box. Phew! I found that out on page 3 of 5 so that helped save some time.

Finally, I have the basic layout complete and the first page up! I can't wait to start again tomorrow on the next page. It'll be a great feeling when I get this site up and running. All I'll have to do then is make edits and additions when I finish a new piece. Wish me luck all!