Saturday, February 26, 2011

Custom Bridal Package for Natalie

I love weddings and it just so happens, I make jewelry for them. I made my own wedding jewelry and now have another wedding the create for. Miss Natalie will be getting married in May had has commissioned me to make her bridal jewelry....a necklace for herself and her 6 bridesmaids! A fantastic project!

I finished her bridal necklace a while ago (right) and have been recenlty working on the bridesmaid necklaces. They take some time since the design is a bit intricate. It is based on the Viking Weave with some gemstones intermixed. As you can imagine, 6 necklaces of the style below takes some time to make. A very beautiful necklace.

Example of the Bridesmaid necklaces....Natalie's will be in Pink Quartz and Jonquil.