Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Arts and Crafts Festival in Lawrence, KS 2012

Here it comes! We have 4 large shows in the next few months. 2 are in October and are back to back. Then one in November before Thanksgiving to jump start the Christmas Season.

In the meantime, we'll begin our Fall Show Tour with the Fall Arts and Crafts Show in Lawrence, KS this Sunday, September 9th. I am super excited. We did the Art in the Park show earlier this year and had a blast so I have high hopes for the Fall show.

Although we loved the layout above, we've been working out ways to make it even better. The grids have come in super handy with a wonderful way to hang all our earrings and pendants. It's just not enough table space!

We recently purchased several more necklace busts as we want to display our beautiful pieces better. This means we need more table tops! So we're rearranging again. Come visit us to see our new layout (we're not exactly sure what it'll be yet. Ha).

A little about this Festival

This show has been happening for 33 years now. Quite amazing! An even more amazing feat is that it is strictly Artists and Handmade. There are no booths for Commercial vendors. So if you love going to events like these, stop by. You'll see some neat original and one of kind pieces by local and non-local artists. Over 160 artists! So you'll have plenty to choose from.

Not only can you purchase original arts and crafts, but you'll get to see some live music. The Lawrence City Band will be playing as well as the Lonnie Ray Blues Band. They'll also have kid-related things such as a moonwalk and booths specific for children. Oh boy, I just found out they'll even have miniature poly rides for the youngsters! So fun.

And of course, you can't have a festival without tons of food! Be sure to stop by the concessions area for the all time favorite of funnel cakes and blooming onions.

Location: South Park
1141 Massachusetts St
Lawrence, KS

Date: September 9, 2012

Time: 10:00a - 5:00p

Cost: Free