Friday, August 24, 2012

Rose and Yellow Recycled Glass Pendant

This is an item I've had done for a while. It's a stone I got while Carrie and I were in Texas visiting my grandma. We had gone to a gem and bead show in San Antonio and came across a lapidary artist called Unconventional Lapidarist. I think his website has mostly gemstones now but the beauty below is recycled glass. We got several amazing stones from him and I've had designs floating in my head ever since I bought the stones. Just haven't gotten them out yet.

This pendant was made using the recycled glass, as I said above. I did a technique I learned from Eni Oken on Jewelry Lessons. It is called a net bezel and generally, you just make a bunch of loops off your base. This isn't a tutorial, but basically your base should be slightly smaller than the stone then you start a bunch of loops.

Send me a message if you want to be walked through the process. It's actually fairly simple, just time consuming.

After I got my net done and stone in place, I added my Swarovski Crystals, in rose to match the pink of the stone, and made the back more sturdy by doing a zig-zag around the frame.

Don't forget to do the bail. I did mine by just extending the base wires and wrapping them. Then shape them and Viola....a beautiful pendant ready to wear.